Meanwhile In Top Lane… [Weekly roundup - Jan 8]

Hey guys, welcome to this week’s 'Meanwhile in Top Lane...', your one-stop-shop for great conversations from the last 7 days. Here's what you may have missed while you were busy climbing the ranked ladder:

Meddler’s Repertoir’s corner

Repertoir shared some thoughts on the current state of Rengar, the Taric update,
and the mages champion update.

They have the technology!

/u/Syl_Stormblessed goes above and
beyond to deliver a new tool for theorycrafters. Shiny!

Mind of the Virtuoso

Ya’ll speculate on what the latest teaser means, and what the new champion’s passive will be.

New year, new you

/u/UptownRoller shares his advice for improving and climbing the ranked ladder.

Darshan? DARSHAN?

This week, Darshan joins us to talk about
the pro experience, his philosophy, and his
sweet pipes.

Mid or feed

New champion select is replacing Team Builder in a queue near you!

I hope senpai likes my pincers..

The Headsman’s Pride takes to the stars thanks to Disneylord!

Team? You there, team?

A group of aspirational League players band together to create Team League Squad in this pilot episode!

Thanks for tuning in, and feel free to point out any great conversations we may have missed!
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