Playing Ranked and being forced into a role you are bad at...

What to do? well idk... you tell me. So im just going to say it: I am a terrible ADC and a sub-par Jungler. Lately i have been forced into those two roles quite a bit and most of the time it ends with a loss. I never cry and whine about getting those two roles though, Why? because i expect my team to pick up my slack! Its the least they could do for forcing me into a role im not comfortable with and unless they want to lose they better do better then they ever have before... Im not saying i purposely feed or fail CS or anything, i just cant do it good. BTW TO THOSE WHO DO THIS PLEASE STOP SAYING "NOOB JUNG/ADC" BECAUSE YOU KNEW I WASNT GOOD, I TOLD YOU BEFORE EVERYONE CHOSE AND YOU STILL DID IT, so dont cry to me about losing im pissed i lost because i was forced into a losing situation... I played a game as Cait where my team did everything they could to compensate for my lack of skill at ADC and i got fed and then carried us to victory... it worked because my team took the fact i could not ADC well and played a little better or a little safer, gave me a few kills, peeled better for me, gave me advice throughout the game, and most importantly encouraged me. If you can not do this for your noob teammate then you are the noob. Why didnt you ADC or Jungle? Oh, because you cant? Well join the club pal... Yes im ranting but thats because im tired of being blamed for losing games when i am forced into roles i am not comfortable with. I have a multitude of Top champs, Mid champs, and Supports and i am quite good at those 3 roles most of the time. Yes i have practiced a lot with jungle and adc but i just cant get the hang of those types of champs and playstyles, the only time i can do good at ADC is if i am talking to the support through skype. Does that mean you should give up your role? Not necessarily no (i usually give up my lane if someone asks nicely), but at least try and help them and try not to blame them because you could have taken that role and you didnt. So i just want to say to those who are forced into roles they dont like, try to have at least 1 champ you are comfortable with in that role and if you lose? so what... you knew you werent good at that role, your team knew, so what are they mad about? they are the ones who set it up like that... they could have done those roles but they didnt, why? because they couldn't because they are bad in those roles. Bring on the downvotes, name calling, and hate comments... amuse me >:D
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