Grinding IP is so ridiculous

league's ip system is full of bullshit how r u supposed to grind for champs/runes when you only get fucking < 80~ ip for SR loss and about <150~ IP for SR victory (excluding daily IP boost) especially to get those 6300 IP champs and those stupid runes for even 2050 IP lmfao, don't have to do the math to see how long it would take to get to 6300/2050 and I already know that it's gonna take a long ass time SR loss should give 150 and SR victory should give 300 ip wtf? Or something higher than < 80~ IP and < 150~ IP please? rito pls or you could just implement an IP-donating system so that non-veteran players can obtain IP easily and veteran players won't think that their IP is going to waste "muh abuse potential" lol ok, that's what I heard as well when dota's afk/dc system was suggested to rito by players but i don't think i'm the only one struggling with getting so little IP? rioters prob not gonna respond anyways w/e
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