For all you people who are comparing LoL to overwatch. Let me just say this in advance, overwatch is an amazing game. I have just as much fun with it as I do with league. But the reason why you are so desperate to bash league and praise overwatch is probably because you are the type of player to go 5/0 in lane then lose because you dont know what towers are. Makes sense that an FPS would suit your needs. But stop. You are comparing apples to fucking rocketships. * League is a MOBA. ---- Overwatch is an FPS. * League has RPG elements. --- Overwatch is an FPS. * League is third person. --- Overwatch is an FPS. Just because Overwatch follows the convention of having champions much like League's champions, doesn't mean the two games are even remotely similar. League is a moba. Overwatch is an FPS. Please stop comparing them, it's pointless.
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