Why the fuck is everyone so scared of filling/autofilling other roles?

http://imgur.com/PbldVoa As seen from the picture, someone has already called out Mid, and then this jerk(_in orange_) suddenly spammed-called Mid role 7 seconds after the first guy called. Despite the fact that I've already notified him of the role being taken, he still refused to change his pick at all. Until when the champion select timer ran out, he said "sorry am I support?". It's pretty easy to tell that he stalled intentionally just so he can play Zed. And yes, he played Zed support, and it was a real shitty experience to see the enemy Thresh having more presence in teamfights than Zed. What is the beef with every fucking one of you **not wanting to play other roles besides your main** when it's being called out by someone else? Not just that, why are you SO DESPERATE in wanting to play that champion no matter what role you're in, especially those who chose to one-trick?

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