"It's the support's job to ward"

I have 3 wards up almost constantly, unless I run out of sightstone wards. I am so sick and tired of asking my team to place more wards only to have them tell me it's MY job. IT'S EVERYONE'S JOB. This is NOT season 3 anymore where the support could just BUY a stack of 5 wards and litter the map. (and even THEN everyone SHOULD have been warding) EVERYONE gets a free ward. You can UPGRADE it for JUST 250g, and its basically like a NEVERENDING SIGHTSTONE. I swear, I want to punch anyone who tells me that cause I'm the support it's MY job. No. F you. Everyone is supposed to do it, supports are just the only role to do it consistently. And maybe jungler. And I especially hate it when it's the ADC who says it. BOY, you didn't even swap to blue trinket, you better at least be laying that FREE WARD down. I babied your butt all lane, and THAT'S what you have to say to me? Seriously. These people.
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