So when is RIOT going to wise up?

Riot's whole goal is to suspended/ban toxic players right? So they come out with this new system that is not moderated by anyone so it's easier on them. One little problem... ^^ ever see this before? Of course you have, because it's the message you get when you get someone punished. My friends who will not be named, make new accounts all the time with a bot program. Why? Well i'll tell you why.. Because not to long ago my 3 friends got banned for going off on some trolls. So now their goal is to get as many people suspended as possible. In the last 3 weeks they have got the above message 16 times and you know how? Because they go into games and troll the crap out of people by spam pinging, feeding their lanes and doing everything you possibly can to piss people off in this game to make people mad and then they report the people who say anything and get them suspended/banned. In fact they have so much fun doing it that I can't even get them to play a regular game without them trolling people and laughing their ass off. Riot saying being toxic in chat is the problem? Nope in fact that shouldn't even be an issue, people have mute options. The problem is people trolling that is the real issue. 3 Weeks of them trolling and they haven't been banned or suspended once because they say nothing in chat. Great system eh? You just gave trolls a perfect way to troll without any consequences.... GREAT JOB RIOT If this is the kinda thing you allow and promote that verbal chat toxicity is above trolling toxicity and have no intentions on changing while giving trolls power to troll people into being toxic and then troll them again by getting them punished I might as well do the same thing with my friends. A broken system is a broken system. Get ride of this stupid shit where you can report for toxicity in chat , let people say what they want who cares.. it's the other person's fault if they don't mute them.
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