Clubs outage Oct 2016 -- November Update!

>#UPDATE 11/1 >We know some of you are seeing continued issues with club membership and tags. Currently, we are tracking down 2 main issues: * Some owners not being able to see the club they own * Clubs appear as not having any owner >Once we get some further info, we'll make sure to update everyone! ------------------------------------------ Hey all - Riot martlet here from the Clubs team - let’s talk about the recent (and ongoing) clubs outage. First things first: we’re aiming to be up and running by Monday. Back on Friday we experienced an unexpected event that took down clubs: One of our automated tools incorrectly identified clubs as being inactive, shutting down the service. Adding to the problem, our initial backup solutions and recovery plans weren’t enough, which delayed our ability to return clubs to a functioning state. We know one cause of the issue was a significant breakdown in communications between the team monitoring the automated tool and ours, and we’re working to patch up the communication pipeline. We’re also improving our backup and recovery process for the future. We know this has been a painful process, and we’re disappointed we couldn’t find a faster solution. Fortunately, we found a way to rebuild the clubs database using game data since August 23. The few players who set a club tag but didn’t play a game between August 23 and now may see some issues when we get everything back on. Please send a ticket to Player Support if you’re a club owner that sees any problems like this, and thanks for your patience so far. Riot martlet
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