Keep cool, be considerate. Step above, and show Respect.

My last game really showed me something. It's that when people log into League, or really any moba for that matter. All types of consideration, and respect goes right out the window. That's what this thread is about. I'm going to step on alot of peoples corn flakes, and I'm going to cause many peoples panties to get into a seriously bunch, but you know what? It has to be said. ----------------------- I have never seen a game that takes the fundamentals of society, turns it upside down, and twists into such a confusing ball of crap, even people trying to attack toxicity, ends up being the only toxic ones in the game themselves. ------------------------ **Be Considerate** Being considerate is not something to frown upon. It's the first step to showing respect, and is in no way less important, or a show of good maturity, and well, being a good human being by showing respect to people.. you haven't even met yet. **Don't Join Games to "Mess Around"** This massive lack of consideration I see when people join a 3's game, and decides "I'm going to fuck around". That's not considerate. It seems the majority of mentality towards 3 is that it's a mode to fuck around in, and only 5's is a "legitimate" game mode, or ranked. I'm sorry to break your bubble, but 3's is a legit mode as well, and many people play it exclusively to enjoy it. It's extremely inconsiderate to go into a game, to fuck around, knowing full well you're ruining it for your other 2 teammates, unless they just happen to be messing around as well. Why? Go into bots, or don't play league at all. What gives you the right to think its ok to act this way and somehow you're still a good person? It doesn't, unfortunately. This alone tells me a lot about you, and none of it good. **Show Respect** This is the biggest problem with the community. Unless you're saying "gg" and pretend like your whole team is somehow god tier, and awesome players. You'll be gang raped by your own team, and the enemy for being toxic and reported 9 ways. That doesn't mean its ok to say "omfg you noob, why did you do that?" but at the same time, someone saying "you're not playing very well this game" Isn't being toxic, its an opinionated statement, one which may be true. Here's where the difficult mature respect comes in. Look at yourself.. Before you get your panties in a bunch, are you playing more poorly than usual, or are they just missing stuff? What's you're reply? "Shut up asshole, I'm doing better than you" is not a good reply. However its how 95% of the community would respond... Lets try something like.. "Maybe I'm playing more poorly than usual, I'll try to step it up." *Thumbs up* That shows respect. Doesn't matter if you actually think you are or not, doesn't matter what the truth actually is. It's a respectful answer that fixes the problem. It leads to you actually doing it, and the other guy to shut up. (In most cases.. either way you come out the better). There are 2 extremes in League Community, and that's where people go to toxic levels that even singed would avoid on the most minimal of things, and then people who try to fight toxicity at every possible chance, but end up being just as toxic in return, usually to far higher levels than the person they were originally targeting. An example of this, is a situation I got into weeks ago. I noticed the Jungler and Support were not warding. As the ADC I was the only one warding. I told the Jungler and Support to please start warding, its part of their jobs. (People seem to hate hearing something is their "job"). They immediately started attacking me, saying I'm toxic, and a tryhard, and to give it a break. When I simply pointed out they were not warding as often as they could have, the rest of the team jumps on me, and by the end of the game, I get reported for toxicity by the entire game, for simply requesting a simple thing. ------------------------------------- In ending, this is my lesson, and point of this whole post... Before you get butthurt, or agitated at someone pointing out a flaw, problem, or possibly not playing very good. Before you go into a game, and or situation. Stop and think.. "Is this respectful?" Doesn't matter if he's being disrespectful first, be respectful back, 9/10 times, that person will start to feel foolish and become quiet pretty quick when they realize you're not only being respectful, but also dealing with the situation. Such as my example above about playing poorly. Have consideration and respect for your fellow teammates, help them, don't just bash them. Don't get upset when if they point out flaws, or problems, that's how you grow and get better. Don't ignore a person being toxic... This part is hard, I know, but show respect and maturity back, and deal with what they're saying. Not only will you make them shut up about it, but you'll get them back into the game much more often than not, and still have a chance at winning. Again using the example above about the comment of playing poorly... This will only happen if we the community combat it ourselves. Right now we're doing it all wrong. We're fighting toxicity with toxicity, and that won't fix a damn thing. Fight toxicity with respect, and maturity, it's the only way.
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