A Thank You to an Awesome URGOD Player

Just played a promo match that entered me into Gold IV, got lucky and got Jungle instead of support that game. Got to play my main blobby buddy Zac. We got a strong Taric Vayne duo bot lane, a suprisingly good Karthus mid lane and URGOD the assassin destroying top laner. I was in a good mood starting with the lvl 3 gank bot with top tele for a triple kill to get the ball rolling in our direction. From there we took every drag, pushed all lanes with only a Hecarim and KhaZix to stop us. Once mid game hit we had a good lead but lost an early team fight leading to our ace. Was not discouraged though I knew we were too far ahead and everyone was being good to each other, no raging, tilting, trashing each other. I did my best to be everywhere I was needed, ganking all lanes multiple times to snowball me to 8/2/8 by the time mid game hit. The Taric and Vayne duo who have over 60% w/rs with their champs continued to keep their lead. Karthus k/d was pretty average but was nothing to worry about, Urgot managed take both top towers before the 20 minute mark. In the end we got 2 barons, every drag, all outer and inner turrets and an inhib. We were taking Elder drag when Urgot managed to 2v1 the fed Khazix and Hecarim. From there we closed the game out immediately pushing mid. I was sure to thank Urgot for his success in top lane, great teleports, and shutting down their fed players each time he did something great. Oh and it turned out Karthus got the most damage to champs in the game :O After the game ended I let my team know I ranked up from that win were the all mighty Urgot player congratulated me, told me I did a good job helping everyone on the team and gifted me a Full Metal Pantheon skin out of no where. My first gift I ever received. I hope this is the correct area to post and that its alright that I use his username. Thank you, Vuvuzealot
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