Lunar Revel Celebration!

**Hey all,** **We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the games! It was an absolute blast, and we had a lot of fun screaming at each other here at Riot HQ. Alas, the community will have a chance to revel (ha HA!) in their victory for now.** **We'll make sure to come back stronger than ever ^.^** **Enjoy Lunar Revel!** ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Game Update #4! Game over....COMMUNITY WINS! :D Community: 3 Player Support: 1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Game Update #3! Game 3 has ended! Player Support has been avenged!!! Community: 2 Player Support: 1 ---------------------------------------------------------- Game Update #2! Game 2 was successfully thrown! Community: 2 Player Support: 0 ------------------------------------------------------------ Game Update #1! Game Ended! Community: 1 Player Support: 0 --------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone! Lunar Revel is back, and to celebrate a bunch of us in Player Support want to play some games on the Rift with you guys. We’re thinking of getting started around 3PM PST tomorrow (Feb 11th) and bringing our best Lunar Revel teams until 6ish PST. PS is itching to launch some fireworks with everyone so keep an eye out for the *Lunar Revel Celebration* game lobby. This thread will be updated with the password before each match. Looking forward to hanging out with everyone! ^.^ See ya then!
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