What's your League of Legends Origin Story?

The strangest coincidences end up having the largest impact on your life. For me, the biggest pairing is the story of how I ended up giving League a second chance. I first heard about League before it ever came out. As a broke college student, I was pretty excited about the idea of a free-to-play MOBA, so I was following its development pretty closely. I remember signing up for the closed beta, waiting to get an invite, and when one finally did come, sharing the extra beta codes I got with my friends. Problem is, League was ugly in early beta. I tried it, it was fun, but man was it an eyesore, so I put it down pretty quickly. [Eew](http://apollo-na-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1422392555506/lol.jpg) A few months later, one of my Rioter friends messaged me, asking me to give the game a try, telling me League had been updated, and it looked a lot better now. Boy it sure did. Thankfully, my old Warcraft 3 team’s manager’s college roommate and I met each other at a random gaming convention years ago. He was doing gaming media coverage at the time, recognized me from his roommate’s team, and we became friends. Man, I was so close to missing out on everything League had to offer. But thanks to stumbling into someone I hadn't even heard of before, I ended up falling in love with League of Legends (hooked over five years now), working for the best gaming company in the world, and landing an absolute dream job. Thanks random chance! **So what’s your League of Legends origin story? What got you in? What got you hooked?**
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