Upcoming PBE application approvals

Summoners, The Public Beta Environment (PBE) continues to be a great place for players to work with Riot by providing content feedback and identifying critical bugs. In order to maintain a steady flow of these contributions, in the coming weeks we'll be approving a large number of preexisting applications (subject to Player Behavior review). If you've applied previously, keep an eye out for an approval email heading your way. On a long-term note, we're looking to make good on some of our past ideas and implement various improvements to the PBE. A robust tester population is essential for thorough coverage, so we'll keep an eye on the PBE's numbers after the coming approval wave and take additional measures if necessary. Ensuring a positive testing environment is another priority, so expect more Player Behavior measures down the line. Thanks for contributing to the PBE! Riot Chesties {{champion:21}}
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