LOLPredict - The ultimate scouting tool. Champion suggestions, in-game analysis, post-game breakdown

LOLPredict | The ultimate league of legends scouting tool
LOL Predict is a website that gives out in depth analysis of your league of legends games. It learns the patterns of your enemies and demonstrate it in visuals. By reading the patterns, you can predict the possible next moves of your enemies.
Hey guys! We're a group of students who always wanted a tool that would follow us through the flow of a game, and help us win more! Here's what we built to help us do that. **Pre-game**: during the champion select phase of your ranked game, you can input the champions that have been selected so far and we'll tell you the best champions to pick next to increase your win rate. We do this by analyzing millions of past games that have involved the champions selected so far. You can also use this tool while not in champion select to see which champions do well together and what champions to pick versus certain compositions. **In-game**: Once in game, we'll show you the recommended builds from, as well as the list of players in your game. You can click on a player to get an in-depth analysis of their play-style on that champion in the past. This can help you win more easily versus them, or work better with them if they are your teammate. **Post-game**: after the game, we'll break down what went well and what went wrong so you can improve for next time. We're looking for feedback on the various sections as well as ideas to help improve them. Thanks! TL;DR: is a tool designed to help you win more games!
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