Servers Down Again...go figure

I want to love this game as much as I used to years ago. I really do. I used to laugh and joke when a bug would appear, even joked about when Draven's release killed League servers for like three days...but it seems like, since then, for every patch that has come out since, there's a slew of bugs and problems with it. The biggest problem is some of the community, but that is a different topic altogether. Right now, the servers are just...dumb. I relog because the chat client glitched out, and then when I wanted to log back in, I got hit with a server connection failure. After fixing what may of caused that, I get in to be placed into an hour and a half long queue. This is unacceptable, Riot. Instead of throwing all the money you have into skins and recolors of skins, why not invest in some decent servers or make sure your patches work before sending them live. I know programming isn't easy, but this...this is just nonsense.
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