Reminder: There WILL Be a Halloween Event this year

I'd just like to leave a reminder that there **will** be a Halloween event this year. The note about Harrowing being separated from Halloween only means the Harrowing Mist (Shadow Isles Lore) won't be the theme of every Halloween event from now on. This year we are having a **Zombie Apocalypse themed event.** Quote from KateyKhaos, answering someone on PBE: >When you consider it's a Harrowing skin... ehh. I would have much preferred to see something like the Zombie Jinx concept that was floating around. It seems like wasted potential to me. RIOT KateyKhaos: _"It's not exactly a Harrowing skin, which is why it's not Shadow Isles-related or something we've seen in the past. This may make more sense **when the event rolls out**. I'd love to know what you think once the **event** is over!"_ - 12 days ago also: RIOT KateyKhaos: _"We've got a lot of awesome stuff planned. Since it's going to be a bit different than other years, I'd love to hear your thoughts after the event ends!"_ The only "mistake" (not really a mistake) by Riot's part was not releasing it on October 31, the official Halloween day. But the event will happen. tl;dr: ** Halloween will happen. I just thought I should make this thread because I've seen so many people bummed that they had been saving RP for the previous years' legacy Halloween skins and they thought they wouldn't come back from the vault this year. I'm no Rioter to give you 100% of certainty, but Legacy skins have that name for a reason: they always return seasonly, and this year there will be a Halloween event, when they should open the Halloween vault. So don't go on a shopping spree yet! Your anticipated skin might come soon!** * * * * * * * * source from the quote: I believe it has been stated by other Riot staffs that there will definitely be a Zombie event for this Halloween, but I couldn't find it. If someone knows where it is I'll be extremely thankful!
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