Lets talk about Galio

I havent had the chance to play the new Galio (excited to try him as Galio was my go to if I needed a win). The story is good and in my opinion and captures his original theme but on a grander scale I suppose. I do have some disappointment though with this rework.... First there is a distinct lack of Classic skin. I really enjoyed Galios original look quite a bit. I understand he has to have Demacian colors and what not but come on Galios original coloration was amazing and the red eyes were awesome. My second bit of disappointment is that from the sound clips ive heard he sounds kinda... dumb. I mean he never sounded particularly smart but he at least a bit eloquent. I should mention the only thing ive heard of galios new voice over is from that video giving a quick run down of his skills that featured Sion, Draven, and Darius. The old Galios voice actor should have been brought in if possible and done the new lines because he had a unique voice which really suited Galio this new voice seems a little out of place for me.
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