Happy Independence Day!!! To Celebrate, I am giving out a Free Mystery Skin!

http://media.giphy.com/media/ZKYJPGD1Bd31K/giphy.gif Where you born in the United States of America? Do you bleed red, white, and blue? Is your flag on the moon? If you answered yes, than July 4th is a beautiful day! And to celebrate, I am gifting one person a free skin! That's right, because I am patriotic like that. To qualify, all you have to do is post a patriotic gif (instruction on how ot post a gif below), and state who your favorite president is. I will choose a winner at random on July 5th. One post per person, but feel free to comment on others posts! How to post a gif: Posting a gif is as easy as 1, 2, 4 (three sir) Step 1: Find a gif Step 2: Right click that gif, and press "Copy Image URL" Step 4 (three sir): Paste the link into the comment section below. Example: http://img.ifcdn.com/images/2289ed7cd0dc4bd5fd0cf9032d8ec8e355fc0c7ec7d940e035d925912395ce91_1.gi f becomes: http://img.ifcdn.com/images/2289ed7cd0dc4bd5fd0cf9032d8ec8e355fc0c7ec7d940e035d925912395ce91_1.gif
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