my brain is fried from so many nonstop games of people losing their minds during the game. stop doing laps around the nexus kallista, go flex by a tower or be scary or something stop moping about people feeding master yi stop being mister yee the enemy team thinks you're a funny person darius and shyvana are deadlocked into an eternal battle in valhalla's toplane someone's pre-made are making edgy funny jokes and aren't including me WHERE YOU GOING AHRI THROWN DOWN A WARD AT LEAST PLEASE? maybe smile or laugh or something? you alive? not a robot? huh? huh? why cant i be a good enough jungler to be omni-present to be present every ping a laner makes? im awful. cmon bro when i said i was the bronze threshzilla you didn't have to harsh me and say im just wood tier trash ... dont look at me like that lee sin. where did the fun go in this game and why are people tormented like they've been thrown into river styx and there's just no hope left in the world? lol

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