I think everyone is complaining too much about new champ select

^Title. I've only played 2 games on it so far, but as a player in plat 3, It was fast and every single person in the lobby talked about how awesome it was, and how it's so much better than old champ select. Now I know these are just opinions, but I think you all need to give new champ select a chance to actually roll out before you complain about it being awful. Riot literally gave you an option to not have to fill anymore. Rito listened to our pleas and gave you a choice of 2 roles. If you're reading this and decide that you can't be satisfied with 2 roles and you need to just have 1, then you must be the guy in old champ select who instalocked your position, even if it had already been called/picked higher up in the draft. Seriously. It's so much nicer being able to be assured that you will get a role that you can play. Another thing: just calm down. The last couple days the boards have been blasted with posts about Jhin being op, or the new champ select not working. Riot knows. Jhin hasn't even been released, so how do you know how he'll play? That's what the PBE was _made_ for, and he isn't even out on the PBE yet. Champ select hit NA and Turkey as a **test** before being fully put into motion. It isn't finished yet, give Riot a chance to work out the bugs. The longer its in effect, the better it will become. Rant over. The moral of the story is just to please give new things a chance. So many people will see something new, and immediately hate it, even if said new arrival (specifically Jhin and new champ select) hasn't even come out yet. Chill out, and give Riot a chance to test their new product and fix any bugs/kinks. New champ select will only improve, and we'll see how Jhin plays when we can play him. Also I'm curious to know how many people out there like/dislike new picks/bans. Just wonderin'. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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