Does intentional AFK in ranked deserve a perma-ban?

Just got out of a ranked game Enemy Lee Sin never showed up to lane. Wasn't d/c'd either, though, spent all game running around inside his own base, JUST to prevent the auto-d/c. I'm sure he got plenty of reports (at least 3 on my team said we would report, and I know I did). **But doesn't this behavior deserve something more serious, like an automatic permaban?** I mean, this wasn't "oh, crap, I forgot I have a dentist appointment" or even "my teammates are feeding 0/35 at 10 minutes, guess I'll just afk". He was toxic (and, if you believe the enemy team, he was intent on screwing their game over from the first moment in champ select, not their fault at all) for the entire duration of the game. *Also, is the "no name & shame" policy removed, now, due to the public nature of ranked game match histories? Because I can't black-out names on a Riot-hosted web page.* I feel bad for the enemy team. I mean, I feel shitty enough when I'm forced to play a 4v5 (especially in ranked) because some guy never connected. But having to do it, while the 5th player of your team is actually in-game being a dick? Ugh!
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