Dynamic Queue and the 5 Stages of Grief

* **Denial: "It was just one game full of premades. I'm sure it'll be fine the next game."** The first step when players introduced to DQ for the first time deny the fact that they are matched with and against premades in most of their games. Most players would be already passed this stage. * **Anger: "WTF IS THIS SHIT?!?!?!?! THERES ALWAYS A PREMADE IN EVERY GAME I'M IN!" -rage in the boards-** The second step where players(particularly Solo players) vent their frustrations on the forums. Many many players never leave this stage. * ** Bargaining: "Maybe Riot will fix this. I'm sure they understand whats going on and will inform us as soon as possible..."** At this point, there aren't as many players who reach this stage compared to the second stage. Players would think to themselves that Riot would fix the problem as soon as possible. Release of the Round Table and the introduction of "badges" sent many players in this stage back to stage 2. * **Depression: "-sniffle- I'm never going to reach Gold this season. I might as well quit. Riot has been ignoring our woes and has done little to nothing about it."** Pretty self explanatory. As months went by before the pre-release and post-release of the Round Table video and badges, player's motivation to play(Ranked specifically) noticeably decline, putting them on a constant tilt. Their performance playing even in Normals or ARAM would drop without the player even noticing. Some might stop playing, but would still have LoL on their mind. Quite a few, but not too many players ever get pass this stage. (Personally, I admit I am still in this stage.) * **Acceptance: "I give up! By the time Riot fixes this piece of shit queue, LoL has already lost millions of Solo players! I'm buying Overwatch!"** The final stage of grief where players finally give up on their hopes of Riot being truly able to fix the mess and decide to quit playing entirely and move on to other games or stay and try their best to get use to the new system. VERY very few players that leave would still have LoL in their mind, but tend to repress that thought. Chances of them returning, even if Riot completely fixes DQ, are rather slim as the damage was already done.

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