@Riot Is the new champ schedule going to be around the same as last year?

Let me first start off and say that there is not a single player out there who gets more hyped about champ reveals/releases than me, My friends say that I'm addicted, literally. All these new mechanics and kits are great, keep it up. But i was just wondering if you guys plan on doing the same thing as last year, where you cram in 5000 champs in the off season, not necessarily a bad thing, if it's offseason, and right now its not.{{item:3151}} I understand that you guys are busy with reworks and things like the juggernaut update, but its about to be 3 patches in a row with no new hints of a new champ coming anytime soon, so I want to know if i'm gonna get an overdose of champs for christmas or my addiction can be healthily fed by a new champ or two to help me get through first semester.
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