For the last time people. Skins don't mean skill.

Seriously, can we just toss that out the window? Last match I played, I was supp. And my adc was just being, for lack of a better word, Dumb. he kept jump into 2v1s he couldn't win and dying , And that led to other team getting fed. ( I mean we won, but still ) But my thing is, my team didn't blame him for feeding. No, they blamed me because I was using a skin and not one-shotting people. They said it didn't matter how bad he was. It just mattered that *I* wasn't *better*. No joke, someone actually typed "You're using a special skin, you should be getting pentas every 5 seconds!" And apparently there are skin "classes" now. they go as follows No skin: Okay player Ultimate skin: Worst player. Will feed no matter what Legacy skin: Best player to have on your team *ever* Seriously, who started this? This is not how any of this works....
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