~ Lamia ~ (Champion Idea)

**Lamia, the Vampire Necromancer** ~~==========================~~ (Did you know Lamia is Latin for vampire?) "In Death, you may find yourself" ~Lamia Lamia is a death-obsessed monster who dreams of one day ascending the throne and using her then newfound power to get her own blood-filled ways. She believes that she has found herself through the "insight" of dying. She joined the League at a young age and proved herself to be a remarkable fighter, however eventually left after getting caught up in a fight with a red-haired Blade and scarring her eye. She was driven out, grief-filled and lusting for revenge, she set about plundering small villages and towns, and eventually was nicknamed Lamia, for she seemed incapable of dying. She came to a scream-filled, mind-rending end at the hands of an unknown blood mage, who delighted in the gory death of the woman. Her corpse was thrown out to the body-strewn area outside of the temple where she had been captured. Little did the mage know, however, that at a young age, she had been cursed. Her undeath was but days after her grisly demise, and she quickly became Vayne's widely known nemesis, and was, at that point, widely feared. This was not because of her violent tendencies, though those were heart stopping enough, rather, her ability to rebirth creatures who should not ravage the world any longer. The league re-invited her, and it is widely believed to only be for keeping tabs on her, as none who kept to a modest life after leaving had ever came back, especially after such a crime she had committed. She is a catalyst for all things terrible, and none have dared stand up to her since she met her maker and returned. Her goal in life, or, in her case, death, is to teach everyone what it means to truly die... **Primary:** _**Assassin**_ **Secondary:** _**Support**_ **Overview:** Lamia uses her lifesteal and silence abilities to wear down enemies, before finishing them with brutal quickness. She relies on surprise attacks to deliver lethal damage extremely quickly, however is vulnerable to more tanky or ranged champions. She can also assist her teammates with taking out particularly tricky enemies by tapping into her inner power and using it to hugely change the battle in their favor. The shadows don't seem so lonely now... **Abilities/Powers:** **Passive - Bloodborn:** Every hit, Lamia gains 4 blood. Blood is required for her abilities, and she will start self-destructing if she does not have 50+ blood for a certain period of time. Blood resets to 50 on death. Maximum is 250 (+30). (Blood is basically her replacement for mana.) **Q - Deathseeker:** Lamia shoots an orb of dark energy that seeks any targets within its range, however it prioritizes champions. Deals 80 (+30) magic damage and silences the target for 1 (+0.7) second(s). Costs: 8 (+4) Blood. Range: About 850 units (in a cone shape). Cooldown: 8 seconds. ** W - Shadowshift:** Lamia selects a target for Shadowshift. If the target is an ally, this can be held for up to 4 seconds, or if Lamia ends it early by activating the ability again. Every second an ally is under this, they gain 45 (+5) health. If the target is an ENEMY, however, they are dealt 3% of their maximum health and their attack damage is halved for 2 seconds. Costs: (For Ally): 6 (+3) Blood per second. Costs: (For Enemy): 13 (+4) Blood per second. Range: 1000 units. Cooldown: 15 seconds. **E - Death Throes:** After charging her ability for 3 seconds (ends if she takes damage), Lamia stuns her target for 2 seconds and deals 130 (+30) magic damage. If the target dies during the time they are stunned, the ability cooldown is halved, however, if they do not die, Lamia takes 40 damage. Costs: 40 (+7) Blood. Range: 150 units. Cooldown: 12 seconds. R (Ultimate) - Spectral Visitation: After not taking damage for 2 seconds, Lamia goes invisible and can wander the map for up to 6 seconds before being teleported back to where she was previously and gains 150 health. If Lamia selects an area to teleport to, however, she gains only 100 health. It takes 2 seconds to teleport to wherever she selects (she won't teleport back to where she was before the ability was used during that time). Cost: None Cooldown: 120 seconds. **Explanation of Abilities:** ~~(itz dank man *lenny*)~~ <**--- Ignore** The Bloodborn ability is supposed to represent her seemingly natural transition from human into the undead creature that she is now, and it shows how powerful she has become. Deathseeker shows off how powerful she has become at her art of killing and dark magic, and is her favorite way of assassination. Shadowshift is mainly self explanatory, due to her vampiric/undead nature, she tends to the shadows, and, due to her malevolent power and evil tendencies, she has found a way to manipulate them to her desire. Death Throes is her tortuous way of killing hated enemies, and her Spectral Visitation takes her back to when she was a ghost for those brief few days, before she was reborn and after she was dead. Quotes: **Champion Selection** "I see your potential, Summoner. Let it bloom." **Moving Around** "The darkness is your friend." "Creation is a beautiful thing, help me make them experience it again..." "They will know true power." "Life is but a variation of death." "Forward!" "I will yield them insight in the form of death." "Blood and bones on the battlefield." "I am the scion of Death itself. "We shall undo them." **Combat** "I've been waiting." "This is mere entertainment." "They must step up their game!" "Ahah, very funny..." **Joke** Lamia gets a thoughtful expression on her face, then says: "I can't for the life... Wait no, I can't for the death of me figure out why you want me to jest for you..." "Hah, you're killing me, Summoner." **Taunt** "You cannot kill one that is already dead." "Ready to die?" "Tragedy..." **If Lamia Gets the Bloodthirster** "Something about this feels natural...." **In Closing** There're no Vampire characters, or really any characters like Lamia, and a lot of the characters I feel are very similar to at least another, and I wanted to post something unique. Not saying that all characters are similar, but a lot are. At first I wanted to do an aquatic champion, but then I thought of how many there already are. Took a while to come up with vampire, but pretty happy with it since at the moment no vampire characters ;) inspired by other character ideas, especially Helmet Bro http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4303058 check it out, awesome idea. First post or idea, hope you enjoy XD the 3 Champions included in the story were: {{champion:55}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:67}}
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