When does it stop? if ever.

This is sort of a rhetorical quesion, but when you move your way up in elo do players ever get smarter? I am just wondering because i just had a game in which we got dominated, no cc at all. Our darius actually said "we have no tank", him being one. The yasuo blamed me as the adc when i told him their entire team was able to just keep jumping backline with no peel. Basically i had shaco, panth, fiddle jump me anytime i got close while my team just ignored their adc. His exact words were "lee sin is a master of peel". Lee sin being my support. Now i by no means claim to be amazing by any account, but i had top cs on our team by over 40, top champ dam, top total dam, least deaths and I have someone telling me lee sin, whose ult is the only real skill of his that is able to peel is a MASTER of peel. This is really just a rant, but i hover between silver 2 and gold 4 on my accounts and i just never cease to be amazed at how often teams blame the one player who played decently on their team. i know silver and gold is still low, but i really somehow imagined that it would get better past bronze lol. Again, i wasn't able to carry, so this is just me venting. I would love to hear some stories of the best lines from teammates though. I did think a tank saying we have no tank on our team was a pretty good one.

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