RP Price Adjustment in Canada on 2/15/2016

Early last year, we [made some adjustments](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/riot-official/nWyb57Ti-rp-price-adjustment-in-canada) to the price of RP in Canada due to the weakening of the Canadian dollar in comparison to the US dollar. Since then, we’ve continued to monitor the gap in RP purchasing power between US and Canadian players, which has unfortunately widened over time. As a result, we’ll once again implement a slight adjustment to the cost of RP in Canadian dollars on February 15th 2016. The adjustment will be an ~10% increase in the cost of RP for players paying in Canadian dollars. We'll effect this increase by adjusting the amount of RP available at the different price points (e.g., The 10 CAD pack will now give 1000 RP instead of 1100 RP). Please note that this change will only affect RP purchases made after February 15th. The RP price of content will be unaffected, and Canadian players can continue to pay in US dollars with no change in RP amounts. Price increases obviously suck regardless of the reasons behind them, but we’d like to provide some background as to why this price change and others like it are sometimes necessary. Generally, we attempt to keep RP prices in relative balance globally. In some regions that just means keeping up with high inflation rates, but in regions like NA that have multiple currencies, it also means ensuring that players are getting similar value for their money regardless of home country. We try to think long-term, so roughly once per year we evaluate (and where necessary, adjust) the RP to currency ratios for each region to ensure that RP prices remain relatively similar. We had hoped the Canadian dollar would strengthen or at least hold steady after last year’s adjustment, but due to recent economic trends it's continued to fall relative to the US dollar, and the discrepancy has now reached the point where further adjustment is necessary. Typically in cases like this we leave prices slightly lower for the affected country, so Canadian prices will still be a bit cheaper than US ones in order to allow a cushion for any reversals in rates. We've also tried to make sure that the new price points are still above certain thresholds to make sure you can still get the same content with the same pack (e.g. 10CAD still gives enough RP for a 975 skin). We’re giving the usual two-week notice for this change so we hopefully don't catch players by surprise. Here are the new amounts of RP for all price points as of February 15th for all payment methods: ***2/16 updated for Mystery gift at 5 CAD Pack, new prices are now live*** 5 CAD = 490 RP 10 CAD = 980 RP + 40 Bonus RP 20 CAD = 1960 RP + 115 Bonus RP 25 CAD = 2450 RP + 150 Bonus RP (Prepaid only) 35 CAD = 3430 RP + 270 Bonus RP 50 CAD = 4900 RP + 450 Bonus RP 100 CAD = 9800 RP + 1200 Bonus RP I'll also be hanging around in this thread to clear up any confusion / address any issues. - Wingfield --- ** FAQ ** ** I'm Canadian, why am I getting charged in USD? ** Canadian players can currently purchase RP in either USD or CAD at their preference (it should default to CAD). You can change the payment option to USD or CAD at the bottom of "Step 1: Select Purchase Method" in the Purchase RP flow. ** I'm already paying in USD, so won't this change impact me twice? ** If you're already paying in USD, this adjustment will have no effect on you. Your preferred payment method was/is already converting the US price to Canadian dollars at the current exchange rate. Since you're paying in USD you will get the USD RP amounts, which are not changing in this adjustment. ** Wtf Riot? Does Canada really pay more than the US? ** In terms of RP purchases, Canadians are actually currently paying less than US players for the same amount of RP in equivalent currencies. Math below: Canadian players paying in CAD are currently getting approximately 155 RP to the US dollar (using the 10 CAD pack), while US/Canadian players paying in USD are getting 138 RP to the US dollar. There's currently a significant inequality between players on the same server (NA). Assuming current USD to CAD exchange rates hold where they are as of writing, on 02/15 Canadian players paying in CAD will be getting 141 RP to the US dollar, still slightly more than their US counterparts.
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