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Hello *Boards* dwellers! A few months ago, Pendragon posted a [public service announcement about voting]( We've come a long way since then, and we thank you for that, but I wanted bump the topic and expand on a few things. To begin, hopefully you've noticed that every discussion and comment has a small number and a up and down arrow next to it. You can vote on every discussion and comment. We'd like to encourage you to vote on every discussion you comment on or read. There's no science to it. Use your heart! It might be because you agree, or disagree. Maybe it made you laugh, or gave you a good dose of the feels. It doesn't really matter why you vote, only that you do. You might be asking, "why should I vote and what does it do?" Good question! As you may have discovered there are several ways to sort content. This includes: Best, Hot, New, Recent. Each of these alter your experience by changing what content is displayed. Here's what each one does: 1. **Best**: Sorts **all** discussions with the most engagement (votes, views, comments, etc 2. **Hot**: Sorts **newer** discussions with the most engagement (votes, views, comments, etc 3. **New**: Sorts discussions by creation date 4. **Recent**: Sorts discussions by most recent comment So by voting on content you can influence what others see first, depending on which sort option is used. Please help us by voting with different content you view. As more of you vote, the algorithm we've created to sort content will get better. It doesn't matter how you vote, only that you do!
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