My idea to help old player who want to replay League of Legends

Hello summoner! A friend wants to replay League of Legends after two years of stop. You can imagine that at the end of two years, the Lol's mechanics changed a lot and he is a little to pick up. He told me he hadn't bothered to have to understand all the new mechanics or watch videos or read the patch notes. That's when I had the idea of a system that would allow old players to play again in good condition, it can also work for new players who want more information to improve. For now, I am at the stage of project, I don't think I have thought of everything, this is also why post it here, I would hope that you would help me come up with ideas and improve mine. First, I thought of a simple document (which could be hosted via Google Drive) but the more I advance in my ideas the more I think it may not be enough. After this is a theory, but if you like the project and we get something very good, I would like help where I'm not very good (I think of skill in web design) . Anyway, the document will be full of images and less sentence for a better clarity for everyone. I apology for my bad english, it's not my native language so if you can help me to correct my mistakes I'd appreciate. ___ **Here are the categories that could be (WIP)** * Mini-guides on each champion's, that could be a better version of the "Overview". []( > * How to play as *Derp* ? > * How to play against *Derp* ? > * How to build *Derp* ? > * What type of champion *Derp* is ? > * And more fact about his power, *god tier ?* , *must ban ?* , *etc*. * A list of fact about champion popularity, source could be competitive pick and [LoLking's chart]( > * Champion Bans. > * Most and least popular champion. > * Highest and lowest win rate champion. * A page with all recent edit done on the document. * Information about the Jungle. > * What is the Jungle ? > * Timers. > * Blue Buff and Red Buff Utility. > * Nashor Buff Utility. > * Nashor and Dragon abilities (with the SR updated). * Information about objectives and minions. > * Inhib respawn time. > * How to last hit under tower. > * Characteristic of the tower. * Warding. ___ Thank you for reading !
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