Interview with ThePeacePigeon

On the last episode of /ALL Chat, the hosts invited YouTube creator ThePeacePigeon to show us how summoners in the Netherlands and the UK celebrated Worlds. Today we’ve got the creative mastermind himself here to tell us how he got into League and what it’s like to make cool videos for the community!

How’d you get into League?
During my exchange semester in Sweden (Autumn 2011), a couple of Spaniards introduced me to the game. It didn’t take long before the whole campus was playing the game on a daily basis. Fifteen laptops in the smallest living room you can imagine. It was a lovely sight.

What are your favorite champs and roles?
My main role is Jungle! Even though my mechanics can’t keep up with his overall mobility, my favourite champion is Lee Sin. For some reason, he makes me feel like Spiderman--where Summoner’s Rift is my Manhattan.

How did you get into creating League videos and what’s your creative process? Is this your day job?
After getting my masters in Economics, I had quite a few job interviews. Yet, no luck. It did give me some time to self-reflect. What was it that I really wanted to do? I decided to combine my two main hobbies, film-making and playing video games. Since I was still playing League of Legends at the time, making League videos was a natural outcome.

As far as my creative process: Notebooks! I literally write down everything worth noting down. This goes beyond League alone; they are just random little ideas. It usually doesn’t take long before these individual pieces fall together and collectively make a valuable video idea. Most of my videos cost an easy 30/40+ hours. Editing is fun, but very time intensive. With the lack of a sandbox mode or a legitimate reliable replay system it is a very challenging climate for a content creator like me. Nonetheless, I enjoy the challenge!

Currently it is my day job indeed! After a year into my YouTube adventure, I decided to go full-time. It was quite the risky move, since I actually got a full-time job as a high school teacher in the meanwhile. Yet, making videos is my dream. It was now or never. YouTube monnies aren’t great, but Patreon keeps me in business!

Which of your videos is your favorite and why?
That’s a tough one! Over the past two years I created over 100 League of Legends videos of all sorts and shapes. Choosing one is nearly impossible. However if I HAVE to choose one it’s going to be the Pr0lly-Tage. Seeking to capture his personality in a single video was incredibly fun to do. Also, I’m just a huge Pr0lly fanboy.

What's your favorite part of making League videos for the community?
The life of a YouTuber seems very flashy for an outsider, but in reality we are sitting in front of our PC’s 24/7. It makes you numb for the impact your videos actually have on other people. Therefore my favourite part is going to events and meeting the community IRL. Reading comments online is great, but speaking to your audience face to face is just ….. I don’t know, it’s magical, okay?

What’s your relationship with other community creators?
Collaborating is an essential part of YouTube. It helps you grow both your channel and yourself as a person. It’s amazing how much I learned from other YouTubers. My favourite person to collab with is [Sp4zie]( I feel this needs no further explanation. The guy is a god.

I’d really like to collab actively with icons from the E-sports community. I feel this area is very unexplored. I think the overall League of Legends community could really benefit from more overlap between the Casual and Pro scene.

I look up to a wide variety of other creators. I believe every content creator has an audience to cater to. From a content creator perspective you have to respect that, regardless if you like the content itself or not. I praise [DatJellyfish]( for his editing, Sp4zie for his community management, Foxdrop for his wisdom in life, Chibiin for his incredible skill improvement. The list goes on and on!

Do you have any advice for aspiring video creators out there?
Often these questions lead to answers as ‘be unique’. PLOT TWIST. You already are! There is no secret to success; just work hard.

Hungry for more? ThePeacePigeon will be around all day to respond to your questions and comments!
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