Why a late Horrowing event won't be worth the wait.

So Riot has made the decision (rather quietly until it exploded too) that events from the real world and events from the game no longer need to be paired together. This was presumably done to allow some degree of 'greater creative freedom' when it comes to making content for their players. This ultimately is a weak line of thought for several reason. Allowing your creative teams the chance to bring content is cool. Revolving it on an arbitrary timeline that they designed is not necessarily good or bad, but this case I would strongly argue it is bad. The reason it is bad is largely because of our expectations as a community. Those that are from a background that celibate any of the holidays that Leagues holidays are based on have an innate connection to these events. Riot does not need to do any work to make hype for New Years, Halloween, or Christmas. Anyone from a culture that celebrates them already has a connection that Riot could likely never hope to create or even emulate from their own evens. The connection isn't just from real world events either. By adhering to a cycle of in game events, such as the Harrowing, that line up with real world evens Riots made their own traditions. Someone who as played League for three or four years may have no idea what Christmas is, but they know that Snowdown happens in December, and there will be skins and other fair stuff for them to enjoy. In the case of this Harrowing Riot deviated from the expectations they themselves helped create. So now the damage is done to some people. With the previous lore even we got the Burring Tides. An event that broke new ground in how lore interacted and shaped the game. The Shadow and Fortune, while well written did not hit the same bar they set for the first event. Now with a lack of skins to back it up, no word on the timing or nature of any event that may or may not come the time for our event traditional Harrowing event has come and gone with a decided whimper not a bang. So I wonder, can Riot make a Harrowing even under these conditions that could possibly make up for both breaking the expectations we had of them, and the lack luster build up and communication we have received thus far? I think this will be a time Riot falls short. I hope I am wrong, and what ever they are planning with those new 'Harrowing' skins on the PBE will be great but I do not think I am. What do you think? At this point can Riot make an event that will justify both how they decided not to have a Harrowing event quietly and how poor the communication that followed has been, or not? Edited for typing errors.
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