Challenger Ahri Storms Back into Snowdown

Hey everyone, I wanted to explain why we put Challenger Ahri back into the Store for the duration of Snowdown. I know there are going to be a number of you who think this is awesome, a number of you whom this frustrates, and likely a larger group that is just kind of confused. I can’t speak to each group separately so I can’t directly address those emotions, but I can talk to why Challenger Ahri is back now. There is a very small likelihood that you can end up with Challenger Ahri as an option in your individual Your Snowdown Shop. But if the skin is not currently available in the store and you try to buy it, you get a big fat error. We don’t want that. And we‘re pretty sure you wouldn’t want it either. That’s why we feel the best thing to do is to re-include Challenger Ahri in Snowdown. That means she’ll be available for the duration, and will be included in the Snowstorm sale for 50% off on 12/17. We’ll also extend that sale for 24 hours through 12/18 because this is such short notice. And she’ll still be available when the season starts in January with a day at 50% off because we’ve promised that as well. Going forward, you should expect Challenger Ahri (and future Challenger skins) to only make appearances for particular esports-related occasions. Thanks for your understanding, and enjoy the rest of Snowdown. _Note: You will be unable to purchase any skin - including Challenger Ahri - from Your Snowdown Shop if the skin is currently discounted in the store. Since Snowstorm sales each last one day, this generally means that if you come back the next day, the skin will be purchasable in your personal shop again. _
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