Between Two Turrets - Come chat with collegiate lead RiotSherman! [COMPLETE]

Welcome to the latest installment of Between Two Turrets, a Q&A series through which we connect you with various Rioters to chat about League, life, and anything in between. You can expect a new Q&A every two weeks or so, with Rioters from all over jumping in to spend some time with you on the Boards. You can also check out past installments!

This week, we’ve got collegiate lead Michael “RiotSherman” Sherman!

Hey there! My name is Michael Sherman, but everyone just calls me Sherman, and I lead up our college esports program, otherwise known as the uLoL Campus Series.

A little bit of background on me, I’ve been at Riot for just under 2 years now, but have been playing League since 2009 during my senior year of high school. Over the years my involvement with the community evolved from just being a player, to starting a club at my school, running college tournaments for over 300 schools, and running events for pros and challenger teams.

Now my focus is entirely on uLoL esports. I want to help build the best competitive outlet we possibly can for college students to show off their skills as a League player while being able to remain active in school. In 2014, I joined Riot as an intern to build the North American Collegiate Championship with Riot Jaws and have since then helped evolve it to the uLoL Campus Series. If you’re interested in checking out some collegiate action, the Campus Series finals will be live from PAX East, April 23-34, on

On the Rift, I regularly switch between being a Jungler and a Top laner. My favorite champion is probably Nunu, specifically Grungy Nunu (Nunu bot’s alright too). Even though I’ve been playing for 6 years, I’ve peaked at gold 3 for the last 3 years mainly because every couple weeks I decide I want to main a new champion…yes, I’m that guy in champ select. Besides League, I love FPS and survival games.

Let's talk!
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