Balance Team Q+A: Ask Us Anything! [COMPLETE]

**EDIT: AMA'S DONE FOR TODAY! Thanks for coming out and asking questions - If you're reading this and missed this one (or if we missed yours D:), we'll be doing two more this month at the same time! We'll see y'all at 12:30pm pacific, on Friday 10/23! ** **If you have follow-up questions or want to stalk us on the internet, you can follow almost all of us on ze twitters at (@RiotJag) (@RiotFeralPony) (@RiotTimeWizard) (@G_mang) (@ManWolfAxeBoss) (@SmashGizmo) (@ricklessabandon) and (@RiotScarizard) ** Hey folks, We've gathered together the team behind the balance and tuning of League to talk shop about the state of the game, balance, and whatever else you might have on your mind! On deck, we've got: **RiotTimeWizard **(amazing Morgana player, holds the record for the highest win streak in ranked of 19 games among teammates) **ricklessabandon** (obsessed with ffxiv, lowercases, and playing bloodthirsty supports) **SmashGizmo** (prolific melee player and toplane scumbag, known for his top Vi, Pantehon, Olaf, and even Nunu) **ManWolfAxeBoss** (actually a wolf) **RiotGmang** (slayer of playtests) **RiotJag **(top 10 on the vaynespotting leaderboard of busters and marksman enthusiast) **FeralPony** (bard lover and a literal pony) and yours truly! Got a burning question or top-of-mind curiosity? Fire away: Ask Us Anything! ---- If you want some more behind-the-scenes insights on how League's balance goes, check out these devblogs by **RiotJules** and **King Jag The King, RiotJag himself!**
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