Riot wants your money for christmas..

Whats going on with riot? Why does riot wants to makes us buy useless icon and emotes with skins we don't want? Why does each hextec box awards you 1 candy and around 30 are needed for some emotes? (+ 2 per weekend = 8 u wont get far without rp) I'm hella mad right now, riot doesn't care about christmas this years they just want us to spend on hextec legacy skins boxes. Sure they've done a great work with the map decorations and I guess the updated poro king and that deserves a reward. But the thing is I like spending money in League because I'm giving money to the people that make the game I like and I get something cool that I wanted even though I didn't need it (a skin). But this years they are asking us to spend money on gambling wtf!! Last yeas we had extra rp on purchase, personalyzed sales and legendary snowball two event that lets us choose what we want and gives us a bonus (more rp, discount or mystery skin in this case). I'm unhappy to say that I don't think I'll be spending money this christmas.. Merry christmas riot..

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