Between Two Turrets - Come chat with L4T3NCY! [COMPLETED]

Welcome to the latest installment of Between Two Turrets, a Q&A series through which we connect you with various Rioters to chat about League, life, and anything in between. You can expect an installment every two weeks or so, with Rioters from all over jumping in to spend some time with you on the Boards.

This week, we've got Featured Game Modes Lead Designer Rowan “L4T3NCY” Parker!

Heya everyone ^_^/

My name's Rowan and I'm the Lead Designer of our Featured Game Modes in League of Legends. I've helped ship all our game modes from the Doom Bots of Doom onwards and also driven various other experimental LoL features (Finishers in URF, Poro Skins in Poro King, Mark/Dash in ARAM, Skin boosts in ARAM, Perfect Ascension icon). If you're interested in more detail of how we design and build featured game modes, I've written a couple of dev blogs in the past.

The Making of Featured Game Modes

The Featured Game Modes of 2014

As for non-Riot stuff, I'm Australian, but have actually lived most of my adult life in Japan, working in games. I usually play a heap of stuff at once in parallel. Right now it's Final Fantasy XIV (PC, Faerie), Secret of Mana (SNES), Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi (PS4) and of course LoL (One For All testing on PBE).

Non-game stuff, I've been training parkour for about 9 years. I got into it back in 2007 in Tokyo and haven't stopped training since. A highlight would have to be when our crew helped facilitate the Red Bull: Art of Motion Yokohama in 2011 (those guys were inspiringly good). o.O. In LA I often go to the Tempest academy for some funtimes or just train down by the beach on weekends.

Feel free to ask me about Japanese games, indie games, or any non-game related stuff (parkour, anime, surprise me). o^.^O

-- L4T3NCY
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