How Do I Climb? Help!!

Okay, so I just went on a losing streak. 4 games. I have been playing 12 hours trying to get back to silver, because I know I don't belong in bronze. But, every time I lose I end up losing 2 times as much as I win. Say I win 10 LP, then if I lose a match later down the road I lost 20+ LP. I recently just lost 28 LP for one game. Now mind you, I was close to being bronze 1 once again from 91 LP to 63 LP. The loss of that LP put me on tilt and I have been playing like complete crap. That is insane amount of LP loss. How do I expect to climb? I win 63% of my matches yet I seem to only fall faster than I can climb. I know I can queue dodge to lower my MMR and thus matching against weaker players to gain more LP, but I don't want to waste my time doing that. I know I am not that bad of a player. Can some one please help me :/ Bronzie II 0 LP and falling.
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