PSA: There are still great people in the community

Like many aspects of life, we mostly hear horror stories in regards to the League Community (toxicity, trolling, etc.) Well yesterday, I had 2 incredible experiences within an hour: 1. **I made it to Gold 5 in Solo Queue!** After 2 years of practicing and climbing, I finally got within 1 win from achieving a promotion to Gold 5. I notified my team that if we won, I'd get up to G5 for the first time ever. Without anyone trolling, my teammates rallied with positive attitudes and helped me get that win! 1. **A stranger gave me a skin as a gift!** I played a Team Builder game shortly after getting to Gold 5. Upon joining, all 4 of my teammates were playing champions with their respective PROJECT skins. I was playing {{champion:82}}, so they asked why I wasn't playing as a champ with the PROJECT skin. I explained that I am getting married in May and needed to save money, meaning I have no money to put into RP to get the PROJECT skins. After the game, one of my teammates gifted me a {{champion:82}} skin and said "Consider it a wedding gift." TL;DR The community isn't always negative, please post more positive stories!
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