I was just in a game with ZERO toxic players

This was so amazing that I just had to post about it This game I was in, none of my teammates or the enemy players were toxic at all. This is seriously like the second or third game like this that I've ever been in, and it's great that even though a majority of the LoL community is toxic/salty/douchey, there are people that play it that aren't like that at all. My teammates didn't bitch at each other when others were doing bad (including me, I had a pretty bad start because Darius is insane). Not a word was said about it. I was also playing Riven and none of the enemies bitched about her being broken, OP, etc., we all just played the game like civilized people So if any of the people I just played with read this, thank you guys so much. You really have _no idea_ how much that means to me and it was truly a pleasure playing with you guys. You're all seriously the greatest people I've met on League, and please feel free to send me a friend request (since I forgot to do that when the game was over) because I'd definitely love to play with you guys again I've been slowly losing hope in the community for a while now, but you guys picked it up a bit. Thanks again <3
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