20 minute low priority queue?

OK so I was playing this match a while ago and my internet shut down on me. I disconnected from the match at around 20 minutes and I started to fix my internet (atleast trying). So after a few days I got it working again and I started up LoL. I queued up for a ranked game and It told me that I had to wait 20 minutes because I'd left a game. Sure, I could understand that, since I'd left a game. So I waited 20 minutes, joined the matched, lost the game and queued up for another ranked. And yet again I had to wait 20 minutes. Though the first time It said I had to play 3 games, It said the same now. Since then I've played 5 games and not leaved from any of them, but I still have this 20 minute low priority queue. If it says 3 games shouldn't it be 3 games? It still says 3 games and I'm starting to doubt if It will ever go away {{champion:32}}
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