Finally set up a Stream! Watch me try climbing to Masters with Mordekaiser ADC!

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So, with Uni having ended for the Summer I decided to finally set up a stream and just spend these scorching hot days doing what I do best. ~~Complaining about~~ Playing Mordekaiser! And what better way than to enjoy doing so than to Stream the whole ordeal? First day of Streaming will be starting tomorrow at 14:00 UTC Which means 6 hours earlier for you folks on NA! Don't worry though, I won't just stream one game or so, might aim for Diamond 3! Joining me will be my best bud Rubick, so you can finally see him in his natural habitat (trust me, he's a really swell guy once you get to know him) Anyways, just wanted to share that info, feel free to check out the Stream once it's life! Even if it's just to chat, be it about League related topics or just other kinds of Banter! -MM
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