Can we all just give a big round of applause for Rhojin?

Ok, I'm sorry, but after discovering this guy, I had to post this. I was going through my Red Tracker when I see this Rhojin guy. Never heard of him, decided to see what he was all about. My god. He's quite incredible. Let me tell you all about him. Okay, so first, off, his title. "Player Behavior Specialist". That's legitimately a badass title. Basically, it's "garbageman." He takes out the trash, he does. Basically, when people are crying that they screamed at their team 10 games in a row and are wondering why they got banned, Rhojin is there for you. He's there to hold your hand. He's going to tell you why everything in your life is wrong. He will sit down next to you, smile at you, and genuinely tell you why everything in your life is wrong. And then you try to fight with him. And that's when Rhojin evolves. He evolves into something else. He evolves into Mega Rhojin. It's like Mega Gnar, but it's Rhojin. He stomps his victims with precision, the likes never before seen on this earth. Chat logs. The blatant statement of facts. Small amounts of sarcasm. It's just brilliant. He shoots these people down with missiles of mass destruction. On each missile, however, there is a word. And what does his missile salvo spell? "Have a nice day." If his victims only knew what sort of holy retribution their whining would bring down upon them, maybe they would've thought twice.
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