Riot, Leavebuster has punished me with the obligatory wait time because YOUR game crashed.

I wanted to play a single normal game as Wukong, but you know what happened? The game crashed. And it SAID it crashed. So, I decided that it was no big deal, as I would only be behind a few levels that of the person I was laning against. Then, the game crashed again after loading to ninety nine percent. It says the game had CRASHED. I tried to get in AGAIN, and it crashed at NINETY NINE PERCENT. I finally got in after trying four different times, and I couldn't do anything before we lost. Afterwards I was informed that I would have to wait the ten minutes four times before I could be put into normal match again. Might I remind you, that the game explicitly states that the game itself, had CRASHED. That is not my fault Riot, that is YOURS. Why am I being punished for something that I have no control over, nor is my fault at all? Please just fix this... I can't do this for much longer if this repeats.
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