What some people would do for rp

This is more of me telling a story of how I got scammed by someone I thought was a friend to me rather than a discussion that's asking something about the actual game. Let's just name this person t2d (abbreviated from his original name) to avoid naming and shaming. So I met this guy about a year ago while doing a blind pick party with a friend from real life. I friended him and we played many games together ever since. Now today, he asked me if we could trade mystery gifts, and since I knew him so well I didn't think he would scam me or anything. Well I went first because he was afraid I would be some sort of scam so I mystery gifted him a Janna skin. Now it was his turn. Oh wait, he didn't have the rp with him so "wait 10 minutes I'm getting it now". Okay, fair enough gotta wait a little bi... oh what he left? He left? What???? Do you actually need to leave to put in some rp? Well maybe he went to the store to get it. Anyways, I typed in chat to him while he was offline "Umm where are you?" "You gonna be back soon?" "Don't scam me ok?". 3 hours later, he messaged "sorry internet was down gonna wait for you to end the game I heard there is this bug in the patch where if you gift someone in game then they don't get it". Sounded like baloney to me, if there was a bug like that then Riot would have disabled gifting or at least there would be a thread about it somewhere. Anyways, I ended the game and typed in "Done". No response. "You there?". No response "t2d where are you". I checked my friends list and he was no where to be seen. I got removed from it, I checked his match history and he has played games after that so I have been scammed by someone I used to consider a friend. Lesson to learn from this, don't trust anyone. How much is RP worth to you guys?
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