@Riot Questions about the new Rotating Game Modes (need answers urgently for sake of my Garena pals)

So the following modes here will most likely appear in this new Rotating Game Mode: - URF - One For All (or combined with Hexakill) - Hexakill (SR & TT version) - Doombots - Ascension - Black Market Brawlers - Legend of King Poro So now, I have a few questions to ask: 1) Does it also includes the following? - Dominion - Team Builder - Snowdown Showdown 2) Is Nemesis Draft also included? Cz I really wish it didn't. Nothing exciting about it. 3) Is the new Rotating Game Mode confirmed to be permanent? 4) How are the game modes picked for every weekend? 5) Is the amount of Champion mastery gained on Game Modes & ARAM distributed as equal as the normal SR, or less? (more explanation below) ------ Okay, so I have something in (5) that icks me. Imo, I do not feel that it's right to gain Mastery Points in modes other than Normal/Rank SR. Because if it's in Normal/Rank SR, players would tend to carefully play the game out by using strategies/careful champion picks/absolute teamfight timing/etc, whereas in Game Modes, all players will literally spam their champion picks & moves wherever they like. That's nothing "mastery" about it, especially in URF. ------ Yeah, sorry I'm asking these questions in a separate thread instead of the main Red thread such as this: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/announcing-rotating-game-mode-queue I was afraid Riot would overlook my comment in such a packed discussion such as this link here.
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