R.I.P. Harrowing

Honestly, I have been playing LoL since season 1 and every year I look forward to their Harrowing event the most because they usually put so much into it that I am overcome with immense joy!! However, it's the last day of October and they basically took a crap on a silver plate this year and said here ya go! The plate represents Worlds and the crap is The Harrowing. Honestly though, almost every LoL player feels robbed in a way because we were looking forward to the event so badly. Unfortunately, even Riot is aware of how badly they were screwing over their players this year and even said that The Harrowing can happen "multiple times" and giving the most inconvenient excuse of, "we're doing things a bit differently." What is different? What should your players expect if you're not going to incorporate seasonal events anymore? I'm ok if you switch things up every now and then, but at least say something to relieve the players of any frustration. Thus far most of Riot has been dead silent, or dodging questions to make up for kind of blowing off a tradition, and one they made up no less. I just think that Riot owes an explanation on why this years Harrowing was blown off. I know everyone was involved with Worlds, but at least have one top ranking Riot employee explain what is going on with the Halloween event this year. Sorry for the little rant, but seriously Riot what is going on? I'm all ready out of the Harrowing spirit, so it just feels like a let down this year.
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