My experience with 14 Day bans and "excessive toxicity" denying end of season rewards.

Mr Sandman, your League of Legends account has been suspended
Mr Sandman, You have received a 14 day ban following an extensive audit of in-game behavior within recent League of Legends matches. Your peers judged your behavior to be far below the standards of the League of Legends community. Think through the conversation and reflect on your words.
Hello Summoners/Rioters To begin, I would like to state that I have been playing, and watching League of Legends since mid season 2, and I am here to argue my case on why I think I deserve my end of season rewards, even though I am coming off a 14 day ban. Now 90% of you are just going to read my ban link and say "Ok, ban well deserved" and I totally agree. However, I disagree with being punished twice in a row by getting my end of season rewards ripped away from me. The worst part is I never experienced any warnings like a chat/ranked restriction, unlike thousands of other "toxic" league players who are getting off with a mere slap on the wrist, all who will be getting their rewards. But because I got detected by the anti toxic system, an instant 14 day ban kicks me out of champ select. On the day of my ban, I queued up for my promo into gold 3 at 3 am, deprived of sleep, which was an error of judgement. But I was coming off a win streak so what could go wrong right? But after the enemy draven got fed, and our midlaner disconnected, I lost my temper after trying to orchestrate a comeback. I said some stuff that is completely unacceptable, and I regret it completely, I also bought 5 tear of the goddesses right before the games end to show my sadness to the world through my match history. (like Lustboy did in the NALCS) But my build before that was all meta Vladimir items. (WOTA, Ludens, Spirit Visage) I was genuinely trying to win my promo match regardless of chat or the AFK. As a result of this chain of events, I was booted from my second promo queue with my 14 day ban. Ok, ill just take a break from league, no big deal right? Wrong. My entire seasons grinding has been flushed down the toxicity toilet. "Some players will be ineligible for rewards this season for excessive verbal abuse and hate speech" -Riot Lyte, from his ask fm. Ok, fair enough, but one part of this statement caught me off guard for a number of reasons, one; I had no idea this was a rule being enforced, so it completely blind sided me before I could change it, and secondly; the use of the word "excessive". To me, only one bad/toxic game isn't excessive even though it is wrong. For instance, one toxic game could be excessive enough to warrant the 14 day ban, but not the entire end of season rewards. I know that one game means a lot to all 10 summoners and I blew it for them, but excessive to me means repeated, consistent and plentiful. But in my instance, one bad game is considered excessive, as opposed to other summoners who are getting excessive chat restrictions, but no real punishment like a ban. My belief is that one bad and toxic game that I wholeheartedly regret, shouldn't make my 250 non-toxic ranked games obsolete. In fact I am usually a positive force for my team, but we all make mistakes now and then. After all I am only human. I just feel like I spent so much time and effort into ranked all for nothing after reading that I would be unable to get my rewards, I was going to go for plat but now this just makes me view league as less of a competitive/party game, and more of a social experiment where punishing players is more prominent than the gameplay itself. Once again I feel horrible about the things I typed, and I should be able to calm down in the heat of the moment especially when talking to other players. I am working on controlling my anger and just taking deep breaths instead of mercilessly typing away some useless swear words that I feel bad about an hour later. I just want a second chance to prove I am able to maintain calm and positive interactions with players. Please, I just fear the day when all my friends will be constantly poking fun at me for being too much of a toxic player whilst wearing their shiny new boarders and victorious skins. Any & all response is welcome. Thank you so much for reading. -Mr Sandman{{champion:8}}
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