Looking for a Top Lane Main | Gold 1 - Plat 1

Hello thanks for looking into us! We're currently looking for a starting top laner here are the requirements that we have to be considered for the position: * Must be a Top Lane Main (We will verify using op.gg) * Have a large champion pool (4 or more champions that you are good at) * Flexible afternoon schedule | We are very dedicated and devoted in our team and we are looking for someone that will be available almost every day in the afternoon. (After 7pm EST) * Must be coachable & easy to handle (Our players will have a head coach which he will be allowed to correct you and you must accept any type of correction given to you to better your play) * Must be Gold 1 or higher. (Not higher than Plat 1) **Perks & benefits** We do not offer you any salary to our players but you will have these exclusive perks at your disposal * You will get free coaching from a Diamond+ coach * You will have the opportunity to get a monthly Mystery skin * You will be competing in official leagues like Ascention Esports and a few other ones with stat trackers & more * All of our league/tournaments are funded and taken care of my our Esports management team If you are interested in the position, please reach out to me on Discord using the links below: **Discord server**: https://discord.gg/4udZQYh **Discord username**: Jedi#5816

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