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Hello friends! I wanted to Introduce Vesticus to the League community. We are currently in the middle of rebuilding this community. At this same month of last year, we had over 100 active members on our community. Those days have passed by and now we are bringing Vesticus bigger and better than ever! What do we offer? Chilled and layed back Normals. Occasional ranked games In-houses every Monday night! w/ Mystery Skins prizes RP giveaways Worlds viewing parties What Is our community all about? We try our best to keep our community full of mature and nice people in the server. We have an amazing staff group that are dedicated to keep the server clean and enjoyable for everyone. What's our goal? To have the best League community that has ever existed! How do I join? Just click on the links below. There is no requirements to join our community. We are most active everyday after 5:30pm EST Community Discord server:https://discord.gg/7F7auze Official wesbite: http://vesticus.com

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