Mirage White LF Plat4 + Jungler For 5s Team

Mirage White is a 5s team in the established Mirage Organization. We are trying out jungles to complete the roster for our upcoming leauge. If interested, please add "Tae Kitty" in game, or "Tae#6969" on discord. **Team Details** - Top: Plat 1 - JG: TBD - Mid: Plat 4 - Adc: Plat 3 - Support: Plat 5 *While elo only means so much, this is included to show the scope of the team in current solo que rank for anyone who cares.* **What we are looking for in a jungle for our roster** - Shotcaller. We are missing a primary and vocal shotcaller for the team. - Prefers to play more supportive / tanky / heavy CC jg's like J4, Rek'Sai, Sejuani, Etc. - Easy to get along with - Takes the game more seriously than other plat players - Is willing to committ to a set practice schedule, sit through VOD reviews, and listen to coaching staff evaluation and assistance! Play in the Mirage Community with other players :) Serious applicants please. Tryouts are in a flex que or scrimset format! ----------------- Mirage Gaming is a multi-platform gaming organization that is building 2 new sister League of Legend teams. In the past, Mirage has: Placed a roster in the LAN challenger scene Built NA rosters from Silver players to Master tier over 2 years Competed in other smaller-community games such as Grand Chase at the professional level

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